Digital Painting Technique & Tutorials

The Making of Dog Beach | Video Tutorial

The Making of Nozrider

1. I start with Corel® Painter and begin adding in blocks of color and light with a large brush using the computer mouse.

2. I then continue refining the different color and light delineations to give the form more structure. I gradually decrease the size of my brush to add detail and texture.

3. I continue layering and blending while focusing on the overall painting and not getting too caught up in adding unnecessary brush strokes.

4. I then bring all my painted pieces into Adobe® Photoshop and begin the final layout and color correction.

5. I will add additional highlights and shadows to ground the different subjects and add a greater depth of field. This step is by far the most crucial and is what brings your composition to life.

6. I will continue adding overlaying color to create an atmosphere. Finally, I add a slight vignette and all the last minute details.

While relying on traditional painting techniques and applying those with digital software, canvas printing, and a passion for the arts, you can come up with some truly inspiring works.

Keep Creating!

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