I have had numerous commissioned projects and truly enjoy the process. I am open to any subject matter including family portraits, architecture, scenery, pet portraits, and more. I consult every project on a one-on-one personal basis. I am currently accepting commissions although this is subject to my availability. A deposit and artist agreement is required before every project. Pricing is determined by content, size, deadlines and other relevant factors. Please contact me to discuss your project and ideas.

The following are some recent commissioned projects I have worked on.

I have worked on many high-profile projects and I am honored to say I presented The President of the United States, Barack Obama, with a family portrait! The original is said to be hanging in his private library. Here he is holding the "Artists Proof" he later signed for me.

For most projects I require photo references. However, I am not limited to this depending on your project.

Here is an example where the client supplied the reference photos, but I still had a lot of "filler" work to do. I use some key features of the reference and take creative liberties to fill in the rest. I am very happy with this result.

Pet Portraits

What better way to honor and cherish your beloved pet then a one of a kind digital painting? I completely understand that our furry friends become part of the family and mean much more to us than just a "house pet". I have created custom pieces of dogs, cats, equine, service animals, exotics and anything in between.

What sets me apart from other pet portrait artists is truly conveying the personality and evoking the soul of my subject matter. I do require some sort of photo reference for each and every project. When supplying photos please try to make them as high-resolution as possible. ultimately the better the quality of the photo reference the better the outcome. However, every composition is completely unique and I merely use the photo reference to accurately depict facial features, coat markings, and other distinguishing factors.

Service dog & military discount available.

Please contact me to discuss your project and pricing.

This is your traditional portrait background. Custom handmade lettering and paw prints available.

This is a full portrait background and is an additional cost as well as a fee for each additional pet or pose. 16" x 20" Gallery Wrap is standard but final output can be determined on an individual basis.

Corporate Commissions

In this example I met with a local business to discuss filling up wall space. They specialize in remote control racing and specifically Trophy Trucks and Buggies. In this case there was no reference provided and I simply created based on my vision. I figured a nice action shot of the "Baja 1000" endurance race would be a great fit for the business and venue. I typically do not sell my commissioned pieces to the general public but this project was an exception due to the mass appeal I have received. This will be discussed on a one-on-one basis with the client when I am commissioned.